Customized Training

Overview: Tailored-made courses that ensure all employees will be able to immediately apply what they have learned to their specific job function.

Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) as an example, all lecture material and hands-on labs would be developed using the ladder logic controlling the actual processes found in the manufacturing plant. The payback is immediate from the classroom to the manufacturing floor.

Several companies request a customized training program that involves many different electrical subjects from Electrical Print Reading to Three-Phase Power Applications.
These programs usually involve a written and hands-on pre-test for each chosen electrical area to gauge the competency of each employee. Based on the results of the pre-test, a tailored-made curriculum is then developed and instructed. Once the training is complete, a written and hands-on post-test is given to each employee to gauge their increased level of competency in each electrical area. These test results may also be used as another measure for employee promotions.

Customized training can also be used to strengthen an existing Apprenticeship Program, or it can be used as the foundation in developing a new Apprenticeship Program.