“I just want you to know how amazingly beneficial your class was for me and my company. I also want you to know how awesome your teaching style is. I just believe in giving credit where credit is due and you deserve that”
Tanner Smith, Project Manager, Smith Electric

“I would like to send a WELL DESERVED THANK YOU. The training that you provided for the employees was GREAT!! I have had nothing but positive feedback from the training. Your training and development of our maintenance guys will make us not only a better workforce but a more knowledgeable one! I hope that we will be able to do more training with you down the road.”
Shannon Dakin, Training and Development, Gerdau

“I can’t say thanks enough about how much I learned in that short amount of time! Your realistic troubleshooting approach is exactly what I have been looking for.”
Tony Dye, British Aerospace Engineering

“It was nice to finally go to a class where I was made to think and apply the skills taught not just copy it down from a book”
Clyde Sedman, Young Electric

“Thanks for putting on such a great class!!! I learned a lot and retained all of it as well! I wish every class was like that! You really knew how to deliver the material and knew how to make the class worth while! Looking forward to the continuation class! Great class!!!!!!!”
Tony Bernardi, Lear Corporation

“I expected the class to cover only the very basics since it was only a three day course, but I was amazed at how much material we covered!”
Jason Tipton, Manufacturing Technician, A.O. Smith Water Products Company

“Your class was amazing! I have never been so inspired by any instructor, and I have taken A LOT of classes!”
Lynne Marlow, ALCOA